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Employers are looking for that candidates not just have qualifications , but also have the skill and ability to contribute to the workplace. To meet these demands our professional, experienced and industry experts have focused on applied or practical learning. This helps to ensure that the skills and knowledge taught at ConcinPro are up-to-date and are high in demand.

Employers look for qualified people who have the technical know-how and the ability to communicate, work in teams and other personal skills. And we are here that kind of knowledge and skills. Here are some of our courses as of now, more courses will be included in future:


PHP & MySql

In the current job market, PHP is one of the most sought-after skills. Freshers with proper PHP training in Kolkata, find it easier to enter into IT industry. […]

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ASP.NET is a framework employed to build websites and web pages using server scripting, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Microsoft Dot Net is a highly reliable and sophisticated software […]

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In this digital age, Android holds the place of being the most popular OS (Operating System) for smartphone users. According to research, about 1.5 million devices working on […]

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WordPress is a highly popular Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to manage content efficiently. WordPress, an open source tool for creating websites, is written using PHP. […]

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Codeigniter is being used for over 10 years and it is preferred by developers because it is lightweight, fast, and simple to learn as compared to other PHP […]

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Laravel is a popular PHP framework used widely by a huge number of website developers. The framework is easy to use, supports fast creation of applications, and is […]

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OpenCart is a widely used e-commerce CMS software. Owing to its easily understandable code yet useful features, the software has become popular among website administrators as well as […]

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Web Design

Website designing involves the use of both creativity and technical skills. Since websites are an indispensable element of any business, web designing is a highly sought-after skill. If […]

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