What is the career growth in PHP development after regular MCA?

Lets now talk about PHP and your career.
First of PHP is one of the language I learned very first (at the age of 12) as it’s one of the best and easy to use language for beginners, but as you said after MCA, I assure you are going to/graduated student of MCA. So, you must be knowing basic PHP.

Now, when it comes to career, It can be tricky, because learning only PHP is not enough, It’s just a backend language.

1. What about frontend? Do you have any idea of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery  and
2. lot’s of plugins available of it.
3. Do you know front-end framework?
4. Do you know the Database Designing and Management?

Okay, for now, lets take a scenario where you know don’t know any of above or few of above, then before you think of your career – please go and learn all of those stuff, in my personal experience if you are dedicated and really wanted to have a great career – you won’t take more then 3-6 month to master all of them.

Hint: To be great at all of above, don’t just learn – Implement with the pet project you love building – could be simple to complex cricket score keeping application or maybe expense tracker for you or your relatives.

Now taking a second scenario in consideration: where you know all of above,
Okay, first of all, congrats, Now its time to learn some of the great framework available on Internet and which is The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

Along with that, you need to improve your understanding power – so that you can listen to your client’s/boss’s requirements given in common and typical language and convert/relate it technically.